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Selecting Candidates

We made it easy for you to find your people. You can simply swipe left or right to browse through the candidates. The green shield in the middle shows your current status with the other user. The plain green shield means you have never taken the candidate's quiz. The green shield with an arrow means that you have taken the quiz before, you didn't passed, but you are able to retake the quiz. The green shield with the check means that you have passed the quiz. The same meaning applies to the blue shield but it represents the potential match's status towards you. Once both parties passed each other's quiz, then both parties can connect, see each other's profile, and start communicating.


Question Types

There are three types of questions in Brisq, easy, medium, and hard questions. Easy questions allow you to have two possible answers. Medium questions are similar to the easy questions, but with four answers for other users to choose from. The hard questions allow you to set four options in a set order. The other user must answer in the same order as you to match! Below are examples of the three types of questions.


Taking a Quiz

To answer the easy type questions in Brisq, you simply have to hold your selected option until the whole circle turn green. While for the medium type questions, you have to drag the check icon in the middle to your chosen answer among the four option. For the hard type questions, you can simply drag the answer to the circled number on its left to represent the order. Once you are happy with the order, you can hold the "confirm" circle until the circle turns completely full green, or hold on the "reset" circle to reset the answer.


Interest Cards

Select interest cards to find other users interested in anything from Apple picking to Zombie.


Brisq Share Card

Brisq Share Card is a way for you to share your profile on your favorite social media like Instagram or Twitter. The card has the information that you provided on the Brisq app such as your full name, username, about me info, and the interest cards you choose. This way, people who see your card can look up your full name or username on the Brisq app to go to your quiz. The "about me" information and the interest cards make people understand more about you and your interest before they decide to take the quiz.

How to share you Brisq Share Card:

  • Log into you Brisq app
  • Click on your picture on the top right of the app
  • Click "Brisq Share Card"
  • Click "Share Brisq Card"

Unsubscribe to Brisq Updates and Newsletter

We try hard to give you updates on your matches and tools to get you to find your people, so we are very sad to see you go. To unsubscribe to our emails:

Through Email:
Send us an email at, with the subject "unsubscribe".

Through Brisq:
You can login to your Brisq app and click on your image on the top right of the app. Then click on the "Settings". There you will find the subscription option to our emails. You can follow the same directions, if you decided to subscribe to our updates and newsletter in the future.

If you have any questions or feedback, let us know by sending us an email at

App Crashes or Feedback

Let us know if you have any app crashes by sending us an email at We will try to resolve them as soon as we can.

We like to hear your feedback or any suggestions you have about the app, so don't hesitate to send us an email as well, we really appreciate it.

Cannot Find a Brisq User

If you cannot find a Brisq user through the search functionality, it might be that:

  • You have an active filter that filters out the Brisq user that you are searching. For instance if you have a filter for "Female" and you search for "John" (in this case John is a Male), he will not be shown, because he does not set himself as "Female" in his profile. Or
  • The Brisq user that you are searching is no longer has active questions, so he/she will not be searchable through the app. Or
  • The Brisq user that you are searching has disabled his/her account, so he/she will not be searchable through the app.