Brisq Founders


Nathan Green

Septina Larasati



We are Nathan and Tina, the founders of Brisq, and also work as the programmers, marketing team, creative team, social media experts, customer service personnel, and the cleaning service (somebody still has to do the laundry).

Yes, there are only two of us behind Brisq. We are working our best from our home office (we don’t even have a garage), developing a matching app backend with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Data Science technology that now we call Brisq.

We both studied NLP and Data Science in graduate school and we applied what we learned in school to something that is more fun and available to everyone. We’ve taken the research out of the academic realm and brought it to your phone.

As a married couple and best friends, we believe that having common interests and personalities enable us to talk for hours about something we share or are passionate about. So we decided to develop an android app, Brisq, where people can set a brisk set of questions to represent their point of view, interests, or something that they value in life. We analyze the questions, results, and responses using our expertise in NLP and Data Science to match you with people.

We hope you enjoy using Brisq so far, as we enjoy developing it. We really like to hear what you think about Brisq so far and we ask for your patience if we don’t respond to you immediately.



Nathan and Tina
The Brisq Team