Brisq: Find Your People Your Way

Brisq is an Android app that allows you to connect to people but not in a way you have done before. Brisq is the best way to find people with the same interest where you decide the terms. Other sites tell you what questions you need to answer in order to find your people and keep matching you with the wrong people. Brisq lets you decide, because you know yourself and your preference better than anyone. Do you want to find friends who are into archery or zombies? Only want to date a Democrat? Are you looking for Atheist or Christian friends? Are you looking for penpals to chat about foreign movies? Brisq lets you decide!



In Brisq, you come up with your own set of 5 questions that you want to ask people to determine your standard. It is like giving a quiz or an interview to determine how similar your interests are with somebody and filter out the one that does not fit your preference. You have a full control on what kind of questions that you want to ask, either they are questions about pop culture, religion, political views, intellectual knowledge, hobbies, family, or even something personal.



Anyone who wants to connect with you must answer the questions correctly. Once someone passes your questions, it is your turn to pass theirs. It needs both parties to pass before you can both communicate through our chat system.  You need two to tango, right?


Get Connected

This process ensures that only people with things in common connected. This also limits typical cyber stalking while increasing the connection you have with actual friends. It might be harder to find a match for a date or a new friend but when you do, you know it is a good one. Once connected, you can see photos and chat with the other user.



We don't deny that physical looks attract people, that is why Brisq lets people choose their candidate by browsing through the candidate's picture. Our suggestion algorithm will suggest candidates that best match your interest, based on the questions that you set. We also have interest cards that help you to express your interests and and traits that are dear to you.


Join today and find your people! Brisq is a free android app, and now available worldwide at Google Play Store.