Brisq Share Card sharing event
May 9, 2015

We are having a Brisq Share Card event!

We will give 20 free Brisq Chances for the first 100 Brisq users who share their Brisq Share Card on their Twitter and/or Instagram! All you have to do is to fulfill these 3 criteria:

  1. Share your Brisq Share Card from the Brisq app.
    Click here to find how to get to your Brisq Share Card.
  2. Mention @brisqapp on your Tweet and/or Instagram.
    This way we can find you and give you your 20 Brisq chances!
  3. Use #brisq on your Tweet and/or Instagram.
    Let’s help Brisq users find each other using the hashtag!

Hope you have a great time using Brisq and finding your people your way!