Brisq is an Android app that allows you to connect to people but not in a way you have done before. Other sites tell you what
questions you need to answer in order to find your people. We let you decide! You know yourself better than anyone. Do you want to find friends who are into archery? Only want to date a Democrat? Are you looking for Atheist or Christian friends? Brisq lets you decide! You come up with your own set of 5 questions and anyone who wants to connect with you must answer all 5 questions correctly. You must also answer their backs. This ensures that only people with things in common connected. This limits your typical cyber stalking while increasing the connection you have with actual friends. Once connected you can see photos and chat with the other user.
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Easy to find people

Brisq makes it easy for you to browse through your possible candidates by just swiping through the list. Brisq gives you suggestions of people that you might match with or you can browse based on your location. For your convenience, Brisq also groups the people that tried to connect with you.

Create your own criteria

Don’t let somebody else define matching criteria for you. With Brisq, you can create your own questions as your own standard to connect with people. Only people who pass each other’s set of questions are connected. Set your bar, and connect with your people.


You can tweak and tune your questions as you go and see how people respond to them. It is your choice whether to make easy or tough questions. You can see your questions’ performance and also your overall statistics on taking other people’s questions in Brisq.